Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim




Ramadan is the great month of fasting in Islam. The fast is one of the "five pillars" of Islam, that is, one of the required acts of worship. Ramadan is predicted to start on June 28 or June 29, 2014. I have created this page on my site to provide information on Ramadan for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Keep checking back for new articles and links!


Ramadan information for Muslims

Fiqh of Ramadan - Rules for the fast and related observances

Miscellaneous Ramadan Resources - Other things you might find helpful, inshallah

Ramadan and Your Health - Making sure that you stay healthy during the month of fasting

Spiritual Aspects of Ramadan - The fast is about a lot more than just refraining from food and drink


Information for non-Muslims about Ramadan

An Invitation - To learn more about Islam this Ramadan

Ramadan FAQ - Basic info about Ramadan