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All Kinds of Information for Sisters


Anti-Hijab Discrimination - A collection of links I have made to articles and resources about anti-hijab discrimination; includes a message to non-Muslims

Can Women Cut Their Hair? - One group of Muslim scholars asserts that women are not allowed to cut their hair AT ALL (see Women Cutting Their Hair), and many sisters ask about this. The linked article is a response to this claim, based on Quran and Sunna

Can a Menstruating Woman Recite from or Touch the Quran? - The traditional opinion is that she can't do either. Here is an examination of whether the Quran and Sunna really demand this

Can a Woman Lead Other Women in Salat? - What are the rules for a female imam leading other women in salat?

Deter Rape - Simple yet effective tips for sisters to protect themselves; links to other resources

Hijab Exchange - Have some spare hijabs or ones you don't wear anymore? Why not donate them to sisters in need? A simple and beautiful way to give sadaqa

Hijab Poems - A collection of links to inspirational poems about hijab

Hijab Stories - Read the stories of other Muslimahs about how they came to wear hijab

Hijab is Beautiful - A photo gallery of hijabi sisters. Mashallah!

Hijab: This Is My Struggle - A great article about young Muslimahs who choose hijab

How to Hijab - So you've read a gazillion articles about why to wear hijab and you're ready to start - but you don't know how. This is the page for you! It tells you what styles are available, what fabrics are best, how to fasten it to stay on your head, how to care for it, and much more

Islamic Perspectives on Obstetrics and Gynecology - Reproductive and childcare issues from the Islamic viewpoint; useful and important information for Muslim women

Join QuranClub! - QuranClub is an online sisters halaqa (study group) for the purpose of learning to memorize the Quran, inshallah. Follow this link to learn more and to subscribe!

Marriage, Family and Women Articles - A collection of links to articles about various issues related to marriage, family, and women in Islam

Me and My Hijab - A beautiful poem about hijab

Men and Women in the Quran - English translation of the meanings of the ayat that proclaim the equality of men and women in Islam

Modern Muslima - An excellent site with lots of information and resources for sisters especially new Muslimahs

Muslim Mama's Resources - Tips and advice for Muslim mothers

Muslim Moms' Resource Center - Are you a new mother? Need some tips on Islamic motherhood? Check out this website for more information and encouragement

Muslim Women and Sport - Participating in athletic activities is good for women, but how can the Islamic rules of modesty be maintained? This article presents some answers. Note: Many scholars consider it halal for a sister to take off her hijab around non-Muslim women, although this article says otherwise. See the link in common questions about hijab below

Muslimah's Cosmetics - A poem that is a nice reminder for Muslim sisters

Niqab Page - Information and resources about niqab and niqabis

Online Hijab Stores - Links to online stores selling hijab

Patterns for Islamic Clothing - Want to sew your own khimar, abaya, or niqab? Try these patterns. I have made the over-the-shoulder abaya (with minor modifications) and I love it!

Sisterhood - How to be good to your sisters-in-Islam

Sisters' Role in Jihad - What can sisters do to support the Islamic struggle?

The Salaat of Women - Some hadiths and rules regarding how and where women should offer salat. Note: A number of scholars do in fact consider it acceptable for a woman to offer salat in congregation if she does not have greater responsbilities at home, although this article says otherwise. See my links below on women going to the masjid

The Social Degradation of Women is a Crime and a Libel on Islam - An article written in 1927 by the British convert Mohammad Marmaduke Pickthall (who completed a translation of the Quran into English), which discusses why the total seclusion of women and the preventing them from obtaining an education is contrary to Islamic teachings. Pickthall might just as well have written this article today instead of 75 years ago!

The Veil in Christianity - One of my own articles; Muslim women aren't the only ones who are commanded to cover their hair!!

Two Rare Women - About the first Muslim, Khadijah (rAa) the wife of the Prophet (sAas), and the first martyr in Islam, Sumayya (rAa)

Veil Survey for Female Reverts to Islam - Many people in the West believe that women only convert to Islam because they want to marry a Muslim man, and that Muslim women only cover because they are forced to. This survey aims, inshallah, to provide statistical proof that neither of these is true

What is There for Women in Paradise? - Quranic ayat and hadiths discussing women's equal reward for equal deeds

Answers to some common questions about hijab:

Articles I've written on women in Islam. These are aimed at non-Muslims, but might be useful to new Muslimahs:

Da'wah in favor of hijab (some articles I've written):

Inspirational stories about Muslim women in history:

Special Focus on Polygyny:

Women and the masjid:

Women's Rights in Islam (some classic articles):


SPECIAL SECTION: Common Sense about Hijab

Is Niqab Fard?

Niqab is part of Islam, it is mustahabb, and it is SUNNA, but those who say that it is required of all sisters are adding an obligation to the religion that Allah SWT and His Messenger did not. Here are some articles that explain more. Note: See my Niqab Page for more information about niqab

Is a Woman's Voice Awra?

Some people also say that a woman's voice is awra and must never be heard by non-mahram men except in emergencies! Does Islam really demand this? Here are some articles that show why it does not.

Women do have to be careful that their speech is not alluring, and both men and women should avoid conversations beyond what is necessary to complete their business if they are not mahrams. But that is a far different thing from saying that the woman's voice is "awra". Here are some real guidelines about women's speech:

Is Hijab Optional?

Meanwhile, other Muslims are trying to claim that it is not actually necessary for the Muslim sister to cover her hair! Here are some responses to this.

Is the Jilbab Optional?

And then there are those who say that the jilbab is not fard... Here is my response to this