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Links to Miscellaneous Articles


Here are links to various articles on Islamic issues that I found interesting and useful but that don't fit anywhere else.


Islamic History

The Marriage of the Prophet (sAas) and Aisha Umm al-Muminin (rAa) - Here are four essays that touch on or discuss this issue. Each takes a slightly different viewpoint, and links are provided to all of them so that people might refer to whichever they like best.

Other history-related issues:

Bani Qurayza, Marriage at Puberty and the Tacit Approval of Jesus - Mere Muslim addresses some contentious issues in Muslim history.

New Light on the Bani Qurayza - What is the truth about the Jews of Medina? Was there really a massacre?

Pre-Columbian Muslims in the Americas - How Muslims sailed to America five hundred years before Christopher Columbus, and their impact on the Native Americans.

The Library of Alexandria - Did the Muslims destroy the library of Alexandria or is this a Christian polemic?

The Melungeons - The Melungeons are a mixed-race people who have been living in the Appalachians since Colonial times and may originally have been Muslims. This article gives an overview of the people and their history.


Islamic Political Theory

Are National or Cultural Affiliations Against the Teachings of Islam?, by Moiz Amjad

Islam's Compatibility with Democracy, by Dr. Muqtedar Khan

Regarding Legislation in an Islamic State, by Moiz Amjad

Shariacracy: Four Modern Views on Political Islam, by Sanusi L. Sanusi

The Compact of Medina: A Constitutional Theory of the Islamic State, by Dr. Muqtedar Khan

The Position of Rulers Who Do Not Judge According to the Shari'a, by Moiz Amjad

The Recommended Form of Government, by Moiz Amjad

Visions of Revolutionary Islam, by Sanusi L. Sanusi

Voting in Elections in a Non-Muslim Country Is Not Haram, by Shaykh Muhammad al-Munajjid

What About a Political Revolution Supported by the Majority?, by Moiz Amjad

What Should Muslims Do about International Aggression Against Other Muslims?, by Moiz Amjad


Islamic Thought

Causality and Divine Action: The Islamic Perspective - Looks at the issue of cause and effect as it relates to free will and predestination; survey of Islamic thought on this topic.

Creation in the Islamic Outlook and in Modern Cosmology - Shows how Islamic thinkers anticipated many of the solutions to cosmology that are now being proposed by modern scientists.

Creation in the Islamic Outlook and in Modern Cosmology - Shows how Islamic thinkers anticipated many of the solutions to cosmology that are now being proposed by modern scientists.

God and Love - Christians talk a lot about divine love, but what does Islam have to say about this issue? This excellent essay shows that Islam has a complete and sophisticated understanding of Allah SWT's love for His creation.

Modern Science and the Eclipse of Tawhid - How modern culture and Western ideas are contrary and hostile to tawhid (Islamic monotheism).

Moments in the Islamic Recasting of the Greek Legacy - The Islamic philosophers like Avicenna (Abu Ali Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina, 980-1037 CE) have gotten a bad rep among Muslims but this essay shows how they transformed Greek ideas to make them thoroughly monotheistic and introduced unique Islamic concepts.

Some Thoughts on Evolution from an Islamic Perspective - Is natural selection just God's chosen mechanism for creation? This question is worth thinking about, whatever your stance on this issue.

The Anthropocosmic Vision in Islamic Thought - A comparison of Islamic and Taoist visions of the human being, the cosmos, and their relationship.


Islam and the World

Issues of concern for young Muslims

Israel Serves as a Convenient Foil - What's behind America's Middle East policy? Hint: It's not a Zionist conspiracy.

Palestine: Context of the Crisis - A look at how U.S. power politics and oil interests influence its support for Israel.

The Women of Afghanistan: Whose Concern Is It Anyway? - Sister Saraji al-Muslima speaks out against the way the issue of women in Afghanistan is portrayed in the Western media.

Understanding and Countering Western Islamophobia - A look at how U.S. corporate and political interests keep the fires of Islamophobia burning.


Women in Islam

News stories from a world without hijab:

Ibn Hazm on Nubuwwa (prophethood) of Women - All of Allah SWT's messengers were women, but Imam ibn Hazm (d. 1067 CE) suggests that some of His prophets were women. Read the article to see what the distinction is.

In Defense of Non-Hijabi Sisters - How to help, rather than condemn, sisters who do not wear hijab.

On Veiling: The Question of Choice - Section of an article by Al-Muhajabah about hijab that deals with the question of women's choice and the Islamic requirement of hijab.

Ten Tips for Muslim Activists to Deal with Hijab - The best way to approach the issue of hijab and non-hijabi sisters.

The Question of Hijab and Choice - How to deal with questions about countries where hijab is forced on women by law.

The Science Behind the Veil - Are there health benefits to headcovering? Hijabi sisters might enjoy this one.

Women Scholars of Hadith - Learn about the many Muslim women in history who were recognized as scholars of hadith.

Women and Political Leadership in Muslim Thought - Can women be political leaders in an Islamic state? This article shows that a number of scholars have said "yes"

Women's Services in the Preservation and Propagation of Islamic Learning - Learn about many women from the early generations of Muslims who were scholars of Islam


Other links

Al-Tawbah - Help for Muslims who are struggling to overcome homosexual inclinations and live according to Allah SWT's commandments. May Allah SWT give them success in their jihad. Also, see: Some Advice on Overcoming Homosexual Inclinations. If you need to talk to somebody, try the Al-Tawbah discussion group. These groups recognize the reality that some people have homosexual inclinations but generally believe that these are not genetically or biologically based. As to that, Allah SWT knows best.