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Links for Latino Muslims


Articles about Latino Converts to Islam

Arabs, Muslims are right at home in the U.S. - They've been here since Luis de Torres stepped ashore with Columbus, by Jonathan Curiel

Hispanic Muslims Articles, by various (a collection of articles)

Islam Luring More Latinos, by Chris L. Jenkins

Latinas Embrace Islam, by Cloe Cabrera

Latino Muslims Growing in Number in the US, by Greg Flakus

Latino women finding a place in Islam, by Carmen Sesin

Latinos Turning to Islam Are Increasing, by Daniel Wakin

Latinos face kin's fears over Islam, by Virginia Culver

More Hispanic Americans are Converting to Islam, by Steve Mort

New Islamic Movement Seeks Latino Converts, by Margaret Ramirez

Ole to Allah: New York's Latino Muslims, by Hisham Aidi

Small Wave of Latinos Feel the Draw of Islam, by James W. Blair

US Latinas seek answers in Islam, by Christine Armario


Personal Stories of Latino Converts

My Journey to Islam, by sister Ericka, a Mexican-American

My Journey to Islam, by sister Asma A'lia (Elizabeth Valencia), a Mexican-American

My Journey to Islam, by brother Abdul-Walee Gomez from El Salvador

My Story of How I Became a Muslim, by brother Ali, a Mexican-American


Resources for Latino Muslims

El Sagrado Coran - Translation of the Quran by Spanish-speaking Muslims

Hermanas Musulmanas Unidas - Spanish-language site about Islam for Latinas

Latin American Muslim Unity - Mega-site for Latino Muslims

Latino American Da'wah Organization - Promoting Islam among Latinos

Review of Three Spanish Translations of the Quran - Learn more about the available Spanish translations


Online Discussion Groups for Latino Muslims

Note: The founder's blurb is included with each group

Asociacion de Latinos Musulmanes e-group - Welcome to The Latinos Muslim Assocation. Feel free to post events and questions related to Islam throughout the World. Visit the the News and Links section for useful resources

Hermanas Musulmanes Unidas e-group - Bismiallah Hiraman Niraheem Assalam aliakaum wa rahamtulahi wa barkatuh, Bienvenida a Hermanas Musulamnes Unidas. Aqui podras encontrar la ayuda y consejos de sus hermanas Musulmanes cuando mas lo necesite. Y tambien sera un foro para preguntas o dudas que puedas tener sobre El-Islam. Este grupo solamente es para mujeres. Assalam ALaikaum Wa rahamtulahi wa barakatuh, Welcome to Hispanic Muslim Women United. Here you will be able to find the help and advice you need from your Muslim sisters. This is also a forum where you will be able to ask any questions you might have about Islam. This forum is for women only. Jazaka ALlah Khair

Hispanic Muslim e-group - Discussing issues of Hispanic Muslims

Latino American Da'wah Organization e-group - Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO) was founded in September 1997 by a handful of Latino converts to Islam. LADO is a grassroots, nonprofit organization geared toward promoting Islam among Latinos and provides support to Latino Muslims. LADO distributes and makes available information about Islam in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. LADO is headquartered in New York City. Currently, we have members in ten states

Latino Muslems e-group - hola! welcome to the latino muslems club, its a place to hang out meet new people chat about islam, and feel connected to youre latin muslem brothers and sisters enjoy! and please feel free to tell youre freinds-founder fahtma chavez

Latino Muslim e-group - Discussing issues of Latino Muslims

Latino Muslims NYC e-group - Hi thank you for visiting this club. The purpose is for Latino Muslims or Latinos with interests in Islam to meet those w/ similar interests. There are only about 15,000 Latino Muslims in the U.S. today. But the number is growing steadily and my goal is for us to unite and give each other support

Latino Muslims e-group - Although there is no nationality in Islam in the way we know it; many Spanish Speaking muslims want to keep informed about the latino world and its need for Allah

PIEDAD e-group - This is a Bism Rabbik Foundation and PIEDAD colloboration. A hispanic Radio station for dawah purposes. All invited to join us and participate. Open to all who want to assist for the sole purpose of spreading AL islam. Miami Base. Hispanic outreach to teach and assist the muslims in their journey to Islam