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Links about African-American Muslims


Many people assume that most or all American Muslims are immigrants and indeed the majority are. However, between 30% and 40% of American Muslims are African-Americans. This page provides links to resources (primarily books) to learn more about African-American Muslims.

Black Pilgrimage to Islam - Profiles of individual African-American Muslims and how they came to embrace Islam.

East of the Sun (West of the Moon): Islam, the Ahmadis and African America - PDF of scholarly article that looks at the early history of heterodox Islam-inspired movements among African-Americans.

Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Towards the Third Resurrection - African-American Muslim Dr. Sherman Jackson looks at the history and meaning of Islam for African-Americans. Best read after learning the basic history.

Islam in the African-American Experience - The best overview of the history and current experience of African-American Muslims.

Islam in the Mix: Lessons of the 5 Percent - A look at some extremely heterodox Islam-inspired movements within the African-American community and their influence on hip hop music and culture.

Island in a Sea of Ignorance - A look at African-Americans who have turned to Islam while in prison, which is a significant part of the African-American Muslim experience due to the large number of African-Americans in the prison system. A selection from "Black Pilgrimage to Islam" highlighted here to draw attention to the phenomenon.

Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas - Many of the Africans taken as slaves to the Americas were Muslims and maintained their religion even in slavery. This books explores their remarkable history.

The History of Islam in Africa - Covers the whole scope of Islamic history in Africa, providing context for Muslim Africans taken as slaves to the Americas and providing a broader background for understanding.